Had a good time Saturday night over at our friends Benz & Thia’s house. Got to help celebrate the going away of Benz’s brother, Tut, who’s moving to Thailand. You read that right, Thailand. Wow. That’s quite a move!

Enjoyed seeing Chip at the party and got to visit a couple bars in town with him. Very relaxing and enjoyed seeing people I haven’t seen for awhile.

Lorraine had a great time as usual. Everyone loves Lorraine.

Sunday I did the best I could to pamper Lorraine for being such a great mother to our boys. I took care of supper and tried to do everything I could so she can enjoy a relaxing day of “vegging out” while watching TV. I’m pretty sure I did a good job. I didn’t get any complaints.

The boys pretty much just “chilled” watching television and playing video games. Frank Jr spent most of his time on the computer.

I hope everyone enjoyed the great weather we had in Emporia today.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Frank Rodriguez



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